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VOCABULARY for Today's Podcast
(to) cool - (to) make cooler

(to) set aside - (to) allocate a particular block of time for something on a regular basis

daily - occurring every day

about to - going to do momentarily

(to be) pleased - (to be) happy with something

for Today's Audio Story

(everybody) else - all the others

(the) solution - (the) way in which a problem is solved

every other (Friday) - alternating (Friday nights).  Thus, one Friday yes, one Friday no, the next Friday yes, and so on

(a) meeting - a gathering of people in which a serious topic is discussed

(a) uniform - (the) garment worn by all the members of a particular team, school, etc.

(a) sibling - (a) brother or sister

Solving Family Problems

An Audio Story

Welcome to the ESL Help Desk, your home page for questions and comments about English grammar and writing.  We have received so many responses and so much enthusiastic support since we began our podcasts, and we appreciate each of your emails and comments. 

The ESL Help Desk podcasts from beautiful and historic Boston. 

Today, the temperature in Boston is in the high 90's; a good place to be right about now, if you live in the Boston area, is by a lake or by the ocean, where water temperatures cool the surrounding air.  The family that you see pictured below is probably very comfortable on a day like today!  And this brings us to this week's episode.

Families EverywhereHow does your family solve problems?  Do you set aside a regular daily or weekly time to sit and listen to each other? 

Today we are going to treat you to the audio of an essay written by Adimir Ramos, in which Adimir describes how his family solves its problems.  The essay you are about to listen to was written by Adimir in his college ESL class. 

 If you would like to read along while listening to the audio, please click on the Easy Writer CD-ROM image to the right to find out how you can obtain a copy of the software.


 How do you think the family pictured above solves its problems?

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To listen to only the audio story, "Solving Family Problems", click here!

Questions for Thought

1. Does Adimir sound pleased about his family's way of dealing with problems? 

2.  What do you think of the Ramos family's way of solving family problems? 

3.  What do you think of his relationship with his siblings?

4.  How does your family differ in the way it deals with family problems?

Do you have any questions about English or writing, or ideas for future ESL Help Desk podcasts?  We are always interested in your ideas; please share them with usby leaving a comment on our blog

So from the ESL Help Desk, thanks for listening to us this week, and we hope we'll see you next week, and that all your problems will find their solutions! 

Music Copyright, permission of Luca De Bernardi; Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion

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