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English grammar and conversation; present perfect tense

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for Today's Podcast

Here is a vocabulary list to help you with your listening comprehension of today's podcast:

(an) example

(to) get along


(the) fifth grade

(to) work out

married couples

(a) broken home

(to) harm

(to) realize

(to be) better off

(to) separate

(to) stay

My Views on Divorce
An Audio Story

Today's date is March 22nd and this is the ESL Help Desk inviting you to listen to today's podcast. 

Today's podcast is following up a prior podcast that focused on the present perfect verb tense.  In addition, we are also going to listen to an audio story from the Easy Writer CD-ROM, to a story written by Tung Mei Ni, entitled "My Views on Divorce". 

After you listen to today's podcast, perhaps you would like to spend some time in our Library, browsing our growing collection of grammar lessons and audio stories.

We chose this story for today's podcast because Tung Mei effectively uses the present perfect verb tense in her essay. Tung Mei wrote this essay in her  college ESL class.  If you would like to read the full essay while listening to the audio, please become a member of our "Inner Circle" and gain access to all the Easy Writer essays.

Since they came to this country, their lives have gone in different directions.
They made the difficult decision to seek a divorce and now they have been divorced for more than five years.

Many married couples don't realize that their children would be better off if the parents had separated than if they had stayed together. 

To listen to only the audio story, "My Views on Divorce", click here!

Next week we hope to continue our discussion of the present perfect tense and we hope you'll tune in!

Thanks for listening to us this week, and remember to email us your questions about English grammar. At the ESL Help Desk, your feedback is our feed.

Additional Activities

You will find additional reading activities for this lesson in our library.

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Answers to Last Week's Homework

 main verb   I He They
 break  I have broken
 I've broken
 he has broken
 he's broken
 they have broken
 they've broken
give  I have given
 I've given
 he has given
 he's given
 they have given
 they've given
see  I have seen
 I've seen
 he has seen
 he's seen
 they have seen
 they've seen

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