Oct 242012

I’ve been hearing this expression so much lately, and it’s amazing to think how I could have survived living for so many years with out ever using it. It’s been around since the hills but lately it’s come into so much fashion that it even has its own website!

Let’s begin with politics.  NBC has its own blog, The Bottom Line, and within that you’ll find articles with the phrase “bottom line” in it. Not to leave ABC out: George Stephanoupolis has his blog there, and a recent post was entitled “Bottom Line: Can Debates Move the Needle for Romney?” That’s cool: We have two expressions here: the bottom line and (to) move the needle.

Bloomberg also has to get in on the expression, but we don’t typically link to videos on this website. But you can do your own search.

This article, Debating Points, Global Edition, states: “The bottom line: their basic approach to Iran seems very similar. But the president, having lived with and thought through the issue for the last four years, is more equipped to move more quickly on Iran than Mr. Romney. If elected, Mr. Romney would have to establish his administration and probably conduct a review of his options. President Obama has already done that.”

The bottom line is also vital to areas such as economics and business.  See the technical technical definition and also see how it manifests itself in media stories, such as this one:  China’s economy slows down – threatening western bottom lines.

Dating and social relationships should also have their bottom line, and you should be in healthy and rewarding relationships, but if you’re not, the SLAA San Diego has prepared a Power Point presentation to you all about social bottom lines.

We conclude this blog post with the following:  Clear writing delivers bottom-line benefits:  Clear writing is an essential business skill – one that generates revenue for your organization.

I love that article; whether you’re learning English as a Second Language or you’ve grown up in the United States and read and write English, it’s for you!!  Please read it and then give us some feedback!

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