Our Inner Circle


What is our Inner Circle?

Here you will find deeper work with grammar and listening.  You will choose from three levels:  Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

For each lesson, Listen to and Read Your Favorite ESL Essays – All Written by Learners of English.  The essays, however, are full of grammar errors. Your job is to read and correct the errors.

Next, read the corrected versions of those essays to compare with your results.

You can also listen to the MP3 files of these essays, recorded by native speakers!

Are you ready?

Would you like some practice with pronunciation?  Download Audacity and record yourself reading the essay!  Compare your reading to the original.

Click below to begin:

Lesson 1

  • Beginner: I Wanted to Be a Fireman>  Featured Grammar Focus:  Articles
  • Intermediate: What Do Children Really Need?  Featured Grammar Focus:  Nouns and Pronouns
  • Advanced: Will Adam Enlist?  Featured Grammar Focus:  Conditional Sentences