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(a) term (of office)

in a row

(to) serve as (President)

(to) take (somebody's) place - to be the replacement for somebody

(to) take office

(to) consist of

(to) swear in/(to be) sworn in (phrasal verb)

(a) swearing in

(to) give a speech

(a) ball

(to) make history



(to be) expected

(to) line (the streets)

(an) oath

(to) take an oath

(the) highest office

incoming (adjective)

outgoing (adjective)


Barak Obama:
A New Day for the United States of America

Hello!  Welcome to the ESL HELP! Desk, where we care about improving your English grammar and communication.

Today is a special day for the United States of America.

Every four years, we elect a President of the United States. Since a President can serve two terms in a row , sometimes eight years pass before we have a new President.  This was the current situation:  George W. Bush served as President for eight years, and today a new President takes his place and takes office .  Today we are celebrating the inauguration of a new President for the next four years.

Our new President is Barak Obama.  The President's wife is called the "First Lady", so his wife Michelle will be the new First Lady.

The inauguration consists of a swearing in , which takes place in front of the Capitol Building, in front of the National Mall and facing the Washington Monument.  After Mr. Obama is sworn in, and the new Vice-President is sworn in, the new President gives a speech.  This speech can become part of history and inspire a generation, as was the case with President John F. Kennedy's Inaugural Speech, in which he said "Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

After the speech, there is a procession which takes the new President to the White House, his new home.  In the evening, there is an Inaugural Ball .

This inauguration is also making history for other reasons: Barak Obama is the first person of African-American heritage to become President of the United States.

The inauguration of a new President always takes place on January 20th, a day in which it is usually very cold.  Nevertheless, millions are showing up in Washington D.C. today to see history being made and to fill the National Mall to view and hear Barak Obama take the Oath of Office .  Millions more will watch the historic event on T.V. (such as us, as the ESL Help! Desk). If you don't see it on T.V., you can surely watch it on YouTube.   (You can see videos of other Presidential speeches at the following URL:   http://inaugural.senate.gov/history/video/index.cfm.) 

The election and swearing in of Barak Obama to President of the United States, the election of a person of African-American heritage to the highest office of the land is a day that many people thought they would never live to see, and that many more thought would never come.  It brings pride and joy to our hearts and minds.

We wish the outgoing President, George W. Bush, much luck as " citizen of the United States", and the incoming President, Barak Obama, many blessings as the leader of our nation.

We look forward to seeing you next week!

The ESL Help! Desk

Answers to Last Week's Assignment

  apple pie french fries burritos pizza
This is...
They are...
This is apple pie.< These are french fries. These are burritos This is a pizza./This is pizza. This is sushi. This is quiche.
It's from...
They're from...
It's American. They are from Belgium. They're from Mexico. It's from Italy. It's from Japan. It's from France.
____ is/are good for you...
___ is/are not good for you but it's /they're
Apple pie is good for you and it tastes delicious, too.> French fries are not good for you because they are deep fried, but they taste delicious. Burritos are good for you, and they taste delicious, too. Pizza is good for you and it tastes delicious, too. Sushi is good for you, and it is delicious, too. Quiche is delicious but it isn't good for you if you have high cholesterol, because it contains a lot of egg yolks.

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Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion




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