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Sample Page 1: Getting Started

Table of Contents

First, you choose the level that you want to work on.

You can begin at Level I and as you improve, you'll be able to

work your way up. 

You can also begin at Level II and challenge yourself even more.

Choose the level and the challenge that is right for you.

Level I:
   Identify the errors in the story
Level II:  
Identify the errors and correct them.
Level III:
Identify the errorsLook at the model sentence and
study its structure.  Then
and correct the errors by following the
pattern you  see in the model sentence.

Expert Level   Contains a blend of all the grammar covered in all three prior
 levels, identification and correction of errors.

Level I

Nouns & Pronouns

Mixed Ba
Level II

Nouns & Pronouns
Sentence Structure
Mixed Bag
Level III

Passive Voice
Indirect Speech
Gerunds & Infinitives
Conditional Sentences
Mixed Bag

Expert Level

All of the
grammar covered
in the first 3 levels.
Mixed Bag

Warming Up Next, begin the "Introduction to ~ " section. Each of this is a warm-up, a mini-lesson in the grammar unit you are about to focus on. Getting Interactive You will also be able to do some short interactive activities and exercises. These are perfectly designed to do together as a class, or  individually in a computer lab or at home. Move your mouse over the page to the right to see what happens!