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March 18, 2015

Our GRAMMAR BOOK is now available as an e-book for Kindle users!
Heavily revised, it is easier to use and has more grammar lessons than ever.  The new title is The ESL Student's Grammar HELP! Handbook. Purchase your e-book copy now! Here's the link for the US.

Our heavily revised GRAMMAR BOOK will be available in soft copy once again.  It will contain more grammar lessons and be easier to use than ever.  The new title is The ESL Student's Grammar HELP! Handbook . Stay tuned for a publication date.

In the meanwhile, won't you please visit "Jane's ESL (idioms, words and anything else) BLOG, which we are adding to regularly.

We'll have some new lessons for you later in the year.

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(to) follow through     Our Word of the Week

from headline news: undecided(s)

Do you usually follow through on what you've planned? Is that a good thing or a bad thing? This week we look at the news to see who is following through on what, and if that's good or that's bad.

Tune in to today's vocabulary lesson on our vocabulary blog.      more



 In today's reading activity, we read about one of our great national treasures, the Grand Canyon.

Click here for the reading and for a vocabulary list, your comprehension questions, and ideas for further research.



We have a new quiz on modals. You can use this quiz as a pre-test or, if you have studied our modals unit, as a post-test.  To study the 'modals' unit, click here.


What Else?  Other News:  GLOBAL WARMING


Although winter 2015 is coming to an end, snow and snowstorms are showing their faces in many areas of the United States while others are suffering from severe drought. Is it warm where you are? Is it warmer than usual?  Is it cold?  Is it cooler than usual?  Are you getting heavier than normal rainfalls? Or are you suffering under drought conditions? Are you convinced yet that global warming is a reality?  Send us your answers through our blog or Twitter us.

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