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VOCABULARY for Today's Podcast

to interview / (an) interview

(a) pet

two-thirds (2/3)


from time to time

a dog owner / an owner / ownership

a breed / (to) breed

(to) decide

(to) take care of ~
/ care

reasonable (adverb)

advice (noncount noun)

The Golden Rule The Golden Rule states: "Don't Do Unto Others What You Would Not Have Them Do Unto You"

(to be) kind (adjective)

(a) lifestyle


My Pet, My Dog
America's Love Affair with Pets

Welcome to the popular and unique ESL HELP! Desk, where our business is improving your English grammar and communication.   Our podcast topics range from grammar lessons to topics of contemporary interest.  Today we talk about something that is rapidly increasing among Americans and American homeowners: pet ownership.

Americans love pets.  Two thirds (2/3) of American families have a pet.  Americans consider their pets to be members of the family.  The most popular pet is a dog, and the second most popular pet is a cat.  After that, you will find birds, fish and hamsters in many families.

There are many reasons why people like pets. 

Join us as I interview, Phil, a dog owner.


HELP DESK: Welcome, Phil.  Do you have a pet?

Phil:  Yes, I have a dog named Joey.

HELP DESK:  How old is Joey?

Phil:  Joey is eleven years old.

HELP DESK: What breed dog is he?

Phil:  He's a chocolate Labrador Retriever.

HELP DESK: Why did you decide to get a dog?

Phil:  I like dogs and my daughter liked dogs and we both wanted to have a dog.

HELP DESK: Was Joey your first dog?

Phil:  No.

HELP DESK: Is it easy to take care of a dog?

Phil:  Well, Joey is a very easy dog to take care of.  But all dogs require a reasonable amount of care.

(aside:  Joey, sit.  Joey, sit.)

HELP DESK: Do you have any advice for dog owners?

Phil:  Don't do anything to a dog you wouldn't do to yourself.

HELP DESK: That sounds like "The Golden Rule." Could you explain what that means?

Phil:  Be kind to your dog and he'll be, or she, will be your friend.

HELP DESK:  Great.  Thank you Phil.

Phil:  You're welcome, Jane.

From time to time we'll provide more lessons on the lifestyles of many Americans. 

We hope to hear from you on our blog, where you can send us your comments and questions, and tell us about your pets!

Hope to see you then!

I'm Jane, at the ESL HELP! Desk.

Music Copyright, permission of Luca De Bernardi
Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion

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