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VOCABULARY for Today's Podcast

rush hour - the hours of the day when traffic is heaviest, usually in the morning when people are driving to work, and in the end of the day when people are driving home from work and are typically in a rush

just - very recently; only a few moments ago

to) hit traffic - (to) find yourself stuck in traffic

to) get stuck in traffic - (to) be in heavy traffic where there was little or no movement of vehicles

pick up - (to) start moving at a more normal speed

bumper to bumper - cars were mostly stopped or moving very slowly

(to) get lost - (to) not know where you are

No Way! - That's hard to believe!  Is that really true?

Way! - What I'm saying is true. (This expression is very colloquial and informal. Do not use in formal company.)

(to) get off on the wrong exit - (to) get off on an exit that is not the exit you want

safe and sound

(to) make yourself/yourselves comfortable



Hello!  This is the ESL HELP! Desk.  If you are a first time visitor to the ESL Help! Desk, you probably want to know a little about us.  We are a unique podcast for learners of English because all of our examples and activities are based on authentic language, either written or spoken by others learners of English and native speakers. 

Today's topic deals with an experience common to people all around the country and the globe:  Traffic.


Is the site you see to the right common in the city where you live?  Most large cities have a "rush hour". When is rush hour where you live?

Enter your response below:

Join us now for the conversation below.

Did you just arrive?

Yes, if you can believe it, it took us six hours to drive here.

Uh, that's awful.  Did you hit a lot of traffic? 

Did we!  Traffic was moving, but it was slow all along I-95, and didn't pick up again until we hit I-90 heading southbound.

What time did you leave your home?

We left at 1:30 in the afternoon, and we just arrived.

How was the traffic in the City?  Did you get stuck in any bumper to bumper traffic?

Traffic in the City was moving rather well, actually.  Once we reached the City, the only problem was that we got lost.

No way! 

Way!  We got off the wrong exit and were driving in circles for half an hour, trying to find our way back onto the highway.

Well, we're thrilled that you're here, safe and sound. Relax and make yourselves comfortable, and join the celebration!

That's our lesson for this week. If you have any questions or comments, be sure to send us a message.  Wherever you are driving to, drive carefully and be relaxed.

The ESL Help! Desk

Music Copyright, permission of Luca De Bernardi
Photo of Headphones Copyright Karl-Erik Bennion

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