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(to) choose

(to) get along well

back in (some place or some time)


(to) finish (a particular grade in school)

(to) make a decision

(to) work out

(to) stay together

(to) harm (someone)

(to) realize

(to be) better off

(to) separate

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My Views on Divorce
An Audio Story

Today is Thursday, March 22nd, 2007, and this is the ESL Help Desk inviting you to listen to today's podcast.  Today's podcast is following up on last week's, which was a discussion of the present perfect verb tense.  In addition, we are also going to listen to an audio story from the Easy Writer CD-ROM, to a story written by Tung Mei Ni, entitled "My Views on Divorce". 

We chose this story for today's podcast because Tung Mei repeatedly uses the present perfect verb tense in her essay. She also uses many other verb tenses; see if you can identify which tenses she uses.

Tung Mei wrote this essay in her  college ESL class.  If you would like to read the full essay while listening to the audio, please click on the Easy Writer CD-ROM image to the right to find out how you can obtain a copy of the software.

My Views on Divorce
by Tung Mei Ni

My parents are an example of this. They got along very well for many years back in China; however, when my father decided to move and bring the family to America, this all changed.

Since they came to this country, their lives have gone in different directions. My father has changed and my mother hasn't; she is an old-fashioned woman who only finished fifth grade and even now speaks no English. They made the difficult decision to seek a divorce and now they have been divorced for more than five years. If they had decided to stay together, the marriage wouldn't have worked out. It may have caused even more problems.

Many married couples stay together because of their children. They don't want their children to live in a broken home but I think those parents are wrong because their staying together only harms their children. The parents will fight all the time over little things, such as who is making the coffee, who is taking the kids to school, and more. They don't realize that their children would be better off if the parents separated than if they stayed together.

The End

So from the ESL Help Desk, thanks for listening to us this week, and remember to email us your questions about English grammar. At the ESL Help Desk , your feedback is our feed.

Additional Activities

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Ideas for Further Thought or Writing

  1. How would Tung Mei have felt if her parents had not gotten divorced?  How do you think this would affected her own future and future marriage?

  2. What kinds of problems is Tung Mei referring to when she writes that her parents' staying together would have created even more problems? How would it have harmed the children?

  3. How important is it for a husband and a wife to have the same or a similar educational level?  Explain.

  4. How does living in a new culture put pressure on a married couple?

  5. What can couples who have moved to a new country do in order to keep their marriage happy and healthy?

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